Homegirl Living With No Electricity

I want to talk about how I don’t have any fudging electricity right now. Turns out, you need to have this stuff prepared a few days to a week prior to moving into a new place (womp, womp).

Anyways, I moved into my new apartment this past weekend, and I love, love, love it! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough foresight to call LADWP to turn my meter on, so here we are with no electricity for a few days.

The first few nights, I survived with batteries, candles, and a flashlight from The Dollar Store. $3 total baby. Worth it. Unfortunately, after waiting almost a week for the electricity to turn on, I turned into a cheap and somewhat shady person. I started mooching electricity.

A girl’s gotta eat. Make ends meet. You think no electricity’s gonna stop me from my precious food? HEYYYYLLLLL naw.

But seriously, I took it to another level. Once I realized that there was an electricity socket located in the hallway right in front of my apartment door — powered from the building’s electricity — I picked up the microwave, carried it into the hallway, plugged it in, threw in my leftover steak from my favorite birthday restaurant (Lawry’s), and pressed “Start”.

Hehe. Check it out. My power-hack.

using the electricity in my apartment building hallway to plug in my microwave and warm up leftover food

Thankfully, I have electricity now and life is great again. My boyfriend apologized, came back to me, and promised change. We’ll see. My emotions are at ease for now…


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