Buying the Right Refrigerator

This is the first time I’ve rented an apartment that comes with no refrigerator, and since this is my first apartment that I can call my own…I need a kick-ass fridge.

I actually don’t care about what the fridge looks like…as long as it works and it’s in decent condition. I’m too lazy and weak to actually transport a fridge, so delivery was my best option. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough for my crazy French boyfriend, Clemmy.

He wants me to have “the best of the best” so why waste my money on renting a fridge when he can find me one? I don’t have to lift a finger because he’ll do all the grunt work.

I’m not gonna complain.

Actually, I was starting to complain after being fridge-less for a week. Clemmy was on Craigslist every single day looking for a refrigerator. It got to the point where I was like….”Bro, if you can’t secure a fridge by today, I’m renting one.” Because seriously…every day I didn’t have a fridge, I was spending that extra money eating out.

Blah blah blah. Skip to a couple hours later, boyfriend texts me this post:


BOOM. After a couple hours and a follow-up email, I get the Craigslister on the phone. His name is Pete.

Pete seems nice enough. He sounds like he friggin’ looooooves his fridge. He tells me how many people contacted him for the fridge, and how some guy tried low-balling him for $150, which he really hated. I was just like…NO SIR, I WILL PAY YOU $175 IN CASH IMMEDIATELY. I LIVE VERY CLOSE AND CAN ACCOMMODATE YOUR SCHEDULE…like a desperate person. Pete gave me an hour to come by.

Excited, I call Clemmy and tell him all about the conversation. Turns out….he was the guy who was trying to low-ball Pete (lol, of course).

We were basically winging it for transport and had no truck, so Clement asks our building manager if he could borrow his dolly. If you don’t know what a dolly is…it’s this guy here:


Clement (in heavy French accent): Hi, do you think I can use your dolly for an hour? I am picking up a refrigerator today!
Building Manager: Sure, do you have a truck?
Clement: No, I’m going to walk. It’s very close. 2 miles.
Building Manager: But it’s raining outside…
Clement: It’s OK, it’s OK.
Building Manager: You crazy, I’m going to drive you.

BLESS SANTIAGO THE BUILDING MANAGER! Also, WTF Clemmy for even considering walking 2 miles carting around a refrigerator in the pouring rain. Cutie pie.

So we go and meet with Pete the Craigslister guy. Dude is CHATTY as frudge-cicles, and he’s a millionaire because he just sold his house. Spent half an hour lecturing me about the fridge and upkeep. He was super nice to me and Clem, and since he didn’t have change for my $180, he just shrugged and said he could sell it for $160.

WHAAATTTTTTT?!! Yes, sir. No problem!!

….but then shizzle got awkward, and Pete spent the rest of the time berating Santiago!!! WHY!?!? STOP!!

The noble thing would have been to tell Pete, “Stop being such an ignorant asshole to Santiago, fudge your fridge!”

But I’m a terrible person, and I really needed that fridge…so Clement and I were just uncomfortably trying to GTFO of there. Poor Santiago!! We’re sorry!!

I just don’t understand people sometimes. Or myself. But hey, I now have a very nice fridge for an even cheaper price. Clement and I apologized profusely to Santiago afterwards and gave him a bottle of Chardonnay. Honestly, that’s not enough. I’m going to buy Santiago more things to make up for everything that happened. Not sure if there’s anything you can buy someone to make up for being a target of racism.

What’s really sad is that Santiago mentioned to us that racism happens to him all the time.

I don’t want to end this post all sad and shiz, so here’s a picture of my new stainless steel fridge, Personally, I think it’s too big for my kitchen, and I get hungry whenever I look at it…but hey…I finally have a fridge!


Sorry again Santiago!

Planning on repainting the cabinets black (paint is en route), and I put a painting on top of the fridge to even out the proportions of the cabinets and the fridge size.

I’ll post the finished result soon.


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