Making Steak and Eggs for Under $3

I just wanted to share this meal that I had the other night. Made by Clemmy because he’s clearly the one in this relationship who knows how to cook. Just kidding. Momma (me, not my mom) can cook too – but not this particular meal.


I know it doesn’t look too appetizing off the bat, but don’t let looks deceive you! It was delicious! And it cost less than $3!

Let me break it down for ya:
1 carton of a dozen eggs (dollar store, duh) – $1.60
1 bag of mixed veggies (dollar store) – $1
1 pack of sirloin beef, 2 filets (Ralph’s) – $1.69

Since we only used like….4 eggs and less than half a bag of the veggies, it’s safe to say that our dinner was super effing cheap.

DID I MENTION IT WAS DELICIOUS TOO? I’m not even saying that to show that my boyfriend is an amazing cook (he really is though), but it was simply too good for me not to write about.

Anyways, you can have this meal too if you’re strapped for cash but enjoy eating yummy things.

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