Is Going to a Body Shop Worth It?

Making the decision between fixing your car by yourself vs. going to a professional may seem like absolute stressballs to someone who doesn’t know about cars. However, after going through my own car troubles, I realized this. Body shops are all businesses trying to take your money! All of them! If you can find a cheaper alternative, do it.

Awhile ago, being the amazing driver that I am, I backed my car up into a gate. Not only that, but my car was wedged inside that gate, and I had to forcibly drive my car up against it to get out. It resulted in this:

Anyways, the damages looked TERRIBLE. When I heard back from my insurance company, they gave me a check to cover the damages. It wasn’t really a big amount, but it was my job to find a body shop that would give me a break. Meh….I never found one that gave me a break. *sad face*

The lowest quote I received for the damages on my car was $1500 while the highest came out to $2500 (are you kidding me, AHEM J&P AUTO BODY SHOP). Too stubborn to shell out the money (even though it was insurance money – money is still money), I tried looking for another solution. After much desperation, I found it without realizing.


To be more specific…this one:

Seapower Marine Metal Polish and Scratch Remover: $13.29 but I SWEAR I bought it cheaper on Amazon.


I originally purchased this for my stainless steel fridge (it worked ALRIGHT on it), but still had plenty of product left over. So just for kicks, Clement and I splattered this stuff all over the damage on my car, waited 10 minutes, wiped it off with a towel…


OK so it’s not perfect, but after driving around with the previous scratches all up on my car…this looks GREAT in comparison. The damages I thought were permanently on there came right off! It didn’t fix everything, but my car is no longer an eyesore. The most anyone can say about my car now is that it probably got keyed.

Anyways, I wanted to share this product. It’s completely worth it and saved me so much dinero. Try using this product on your car scratches before getting it fixed at the shops. You won’t regret it!


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