Tips for Saving Money at Ralphs

Aside from frequenting my local dollar store every other day, I really like checking out the deals at Ralphs. As I was walking back to my car from my local Ralphs today, I felt like a winner! I just bought like…$15-20 worth of meat for the discounted price of $6!!

Let me break that shiz down for ya:

Foster Farms Picnic Chicken – $3.50
Chicken Gizzards and Hearts – $1
Chicken Livers – $1
Bunch of Radishes – $0.50

Don’t be surprised that I bought those miscellaneous chicken parts…they are real frigging good, don’t judge.

Anyways, I would love to share tips on how to save money at your local Ralphs.

1. Go on Tuesday or Wednesdays. Usually deals are poppin’ on those days. This is just something I’ve personally noticed. Perhaps it’s similar to airplane tickets. Sure. I’m gonna go with that.

2. Find the clearance rack! There are some sketchy items here, and they usually place the rack in some hidden nook towards the back of the store…but you can find some pretty good sales. If you’re the type to finish food quickly, check this out.

3. Check online and digital deals. If you have a Ralphs card (I highly suggest owning a Ralphs card if you don’t), you can save coupons and even set your own personalized coupons to your Ralphs account. Be in the know about when sales are up too!!

4. Ask a Ralphs employee. Why not? It’s not weird, it’s practical! If they know which aisle to direct you to off the top of their head, WHY WOULDN’T THEY KNOW WHERE THEIR DAILY SALES ARE? Just do it.

5. Read their sales carefully. Does it say buy one, get one free? Or maybe the label says “Buy 10 bottles for $10.” I specifically look for the latter because that means just ONE bottle costs $1 with your card.

6. Buy fresh veggies. I used to be super lazy when it came to buying vegetables. I always bought them pre-packaged. But I swear…it’s such a rip-off!! Not only is your food LESS fresh compared to the full uncut vegetable, it’s also more expensive. No thanks, I can cut my own veggies if that means saving me a few bucks.

Hope this helps during your grocery shopping adventures!


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