Best Ways to Save on Drinking Water

Growing up, my family was not rich. Period. My mother was always, always trying to figure out different ways for us to save money. One money-saver was water. Momma did what the other Asian parents did…she boiled tap water to kill all the dangerous bacteria, and after a running boil, she’d pour it into a large container and leave it in the fridge. BOOM. Germ-free water.

Unfortunately, I’m not as patient as my mom, and AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR BOILING FRIGGIN’ WATER TO PUT IN THE FRIDGE. At my old job, I used to score free cases of FIJI Water, since they were a client. Those were the days…not having to pay for great tasting water. However, after I stopped working there, I was forced to look for other water options.

I thought about Britas. Are they really worth it? $20 for the actual Brita, and after a few months, you’d have to pay $10 for replacement filters. How much is that a year? $50? Also, I used to own a Brita…not sure where it’s disappeared to, but it tasted like shizzle. As it not goodizzle.

Then I thought about those  Brita filters people install on their sinks. Those are kinda cool. They’re about 20 bucks too, but I think you have to replace it every couple months since it only has one filter in it. Haven’t researched it much though, so I’m not sure. And I’m too lazy to measure the size of my faucet. That’s just annoying. I don’t know, I want to have one of these one day, just not now. #thewealthylife

For the past year or so, I’ve been buying Crystal Geyser from the dollar store. 1 gallon of spring water for $1. I’m pretty sure I spend about $40 on water a year. There are definitely cheaper options, but for guaranteed spring water…this was my way for a long time.

Last weekend, my boyfriend saw these water filtration machines. They are usually at laundromats or 7-Elevens or other convenient spots. But it’s fresh water for 25 cents! At first, he wasn’t sure, so he marched right up into our local laundromat and shouted, “EY! Can we drinks this water?!” Freaking weirdo.

Processed with VSCO

We walked back there the other day with an empty gallon water bottle, and filled the whole thing up! It was sah-weeeeet. I tried the water at home, and it tasted fresh. Basically like FIJI Water (kidding, of course…)

Anyways, assuming that this water filter water is legit and clean, I think it’s a steal! Instead of $40 a year on water, I’d be spending $10. It’s not as cheap as my mother’s boiling method — which was free-99, but it’s an option I’ll take for now.

I guess if I’m super duper dirt poor, I could always fill my water at water fountains…

How do you save money on fresh water? Feel free to share your amazing stories.  Or horror stories. kTHANKS.

Living that ghetto life,

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