Affordable and Easy Sushi at Home

In high school, I used to participate in several events held by our school’s cultural organization, A.S.I.A. (Asian Students In Action). One of the more memorable gatherings they held in the school cafeteria was their annual sushi-making celebration. Back then, I honestly did none of the sushi rolling, but reaped all the benefits at the end and just gobbled up all that freshly made sushi. Unfortunately, high school is long over, but the idea of sushi rolling still remains.

Today, I felt like making myself a plain PHILADELPHIA ROLL. Hold the cucumbers and the avocado. I don’t got time for that.

Ingredients and Cost:

Buy some seaweed. I went to my local Japanese marketplace and grabbed the cheapest seaweed I could find. I made sure the size was a full-sized sheet. Cost about $2.

Buy some salmon. You see the nicely cut salmon slices that contain no bones or extra fat. Those are usually marked around $8-15. This is how ghetto I am. At the Asian markets, I purposely look for the “extra” scraps of salmon, the parts with bones and fat still attached to some pieces. You can get a ton of meat from these pieces, and they usually cost around $1-3. That’s right.

Cream Cheese. I just get the basic Kroger brand at Ralphs for $2.

Rice. You know how to make rice, right? I’m Chinese, so rice is a staple in my family. I keep a big ass bag at home at all times. Usually costs around $20-30, but I’ve had this bag of rice for 4 months already, and it’s only halfway through. Worth it yo.

Anyways, I cooked the rice, cut the salmon and cream cheese, and piled that shiz up on the seaweed like this:

Screenshot 2016-08-15 at 4.33.20 PM

YES, I REPEAT, I AM GHETTO, AND I DO NOT HAVE A JAPANESE ROLLING BOARD MADE OF WOOD OR BAMBOO. I used aluminum foil and was super careful. I also used a chopstick to make sure I completed the roll evenly (starting from the left side to the right). But look at that!

Anyways, that’s all. I cut the finished roll up into little pieces and used soy sauce packets from Panda Express as dipping. I still have leftover rice, seaweed, and cream cheese, so all I need to buy when I want to make a Philadelphia roll in the future is salmon.

This is also a great way to spend time with a loved one. It’s surprisingly easy and fun. I also don’t know anyone who doesn’t like sushi. Seriously.

Have a good one,
Homegirly girl

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