How I Make Steamed Eggs

This light entree is beloved not only in Chinese culture, but also among Koreans and Japanese. I’m sure there are many other nationalities that have their versions of this dish as well, but I wanted to share how I make steamed eggs. It’s practically a staple at almost every meal, and paired with rice…oh my goodness–it’s great. For those health nuts out there, it’s also real healthy.

I like making steamed eggs as a complement to steamed ground beef and broccoli when I’m planning on sharing family style. It’s not only delicious directly from the pot, but it’s also tasty the next day after leaving it in the fridge. You know you’ve cooked it just right when the eggs do that whole “melt in your mouth” thing-a-ma-jig too.

First…depending on what portions you want your steamed eggs to be, use a pot that’s larger than your serving dish. Fill it up halfway with water, and put in a steamer rack. The steamer rack should look similar to these:



Next, prepare your shallow metal pan to hold the eggs. For a 10-inch circular tray, I like to use around 4-5 eggs depending on how eggy I want them. Damn straight, I just said that. Mix it in with some salt (I’m pretty gratuitous with this), some chopped green onions, and chicken broth (I add broth until it reaches about 1.5 centimeters below the top of the pan).

Final step is to steam this bad boy for about 10 minutes. I usually just shake the pot a bit to see if the middle of the egg is firm enough (there should be some jiggle, but not liquidy jiggle). And violaaaa..a quick, easy meal to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Sometimes, if I’m too lazy to make steamed ground beef…I go super American and add ground beef into the egg mixture before cooking. It’s pretty bomb.

Have a great day!

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