About Homegirl

My name is Sandra, and I am the spaz who created Homegirl Eats and Homegirl Confessions. Homegirl Eats focuses on lifestyle and food for those on a budget, while Confessions is more about relationships, sex, and dating adventures.


If you’re wondering about my experience as a foodie:

  • I worked for several years as a supervisor at both the Chinatown and Allston branches of Shabuzen, Boston’s most popular hotpot restaurant. In that role, I became an expert on meat, meal presentation, and customer service.
  • I also used to work for Game On! in Boston, one of Fenway’s most poppin’ sports bars as a hostess. Though my stint there was brief, I loved being in the middle of all the Red Sox Craze (said no Bostonian ever).
  • My family owns New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown, which is a longtime neighborhood staple specializing in super authentic old-school Chinese food.
  • After moving to Los Angeles, I worked as a barista at one of those snobby coffee shops in K-town where I met many wonderful people who trained me to be coffee-smart. I have since learned how to make an awesome cup of coffee–though I still enjoy generous amounts of cream and sugar.
  • I have written over 500 reviews on Yelp. I used to write on that platform A LOT. However, after 9 years of dedication to that website and constant writing, I’ve never really felt appreciated or connected. At my prime (haha), I was a Yelp Elite Gold Member for 9 years. However, one year shy of becoming a Yelp Elite – Black Member, I began writing professionally and put Yelp behind me.
  • I have eaten delicious foods in Boston, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona, San Francisco, New York, and more. I know the difference between a meal that was microwaved vs. a meal that was handmade. However, even though I know the difference, I still have a strong appreciation for both.

After graduating from Boston University in 2011, I decided to book it to Los Angeles, the city where dreams come true. I began my career interning at various entertainment companies and ended up working at an entertainment PR agency for several years before transitioning full-time as a freelance writer. I am now several things. I’m a contract writer at Neighborhoods.com, I’m an assistant at a boutique PR agency with a focus on book authors, and I’m a full-time graduate student at Pepperdine University studying Psychology.