Ubatuba Acai – Koreatown

Restaurant Details: Ubatuba Acai – Koreatown Type: Juice Bars & Smoothies, Brazilian, Acai Bowls Neighborhood: Koreatown Phone: (213) 590-1909 549 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90020 Homegirl Rating: 4-5 Stars! Atmosphere: Casual, Cafeteria-Like Space Service: Friendly, Prep time is usually 5-10 minutes Cost: Under $10 unless you order a lot Parking Lot: Yes, Free WiFi: Yes, … More Ubatuba Acai – Koreatown

Philadelphia Roll Bowl

So we are all familiar with what a Philadelphia Roll is.. at least I HOPE we’re all familiar with it! It’s basically a super-Americanized sushi roll that usually comes with rice, cucumber, salmon, avocado and cream cheese. The cream cheese is definitely a must. At restaurants, you’ll find that it looks like this: Gawwwww.. Anyways, … More Philadelphia Roll Bowl

3D Pizza Printing and Why It’s Awesome

The first time I’ve heard anything about 3D printing was through the CBS show, Elementary. Basically, one of the suspects almost gets away with murder because he created an untraceable gun with the help of a 3D printer. Sure, it took the killer seven years to actually make the gun, but the entire idea itself was revolutionary. … More 3D Pizza Printing and Why It’s Awesome